Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Using Modal Verbs– Planning a Surprise Party

In your small group:
Together you will be discussing the surprise party for your LANCELOT colleague, (shouldn't be one of you small group of course
J) .

Please check your group and the link to the public chat in the box below You will be using Skype. The chat will be open all day Tue. & Wed.

Agree on:

Who is she/he?

What's the occasion?

What are your ideas for that party?

You will be reporting your ideas to everyone in the class this Wed. lesson.

Chat Links:

Group 1:
Alliki - Anne - Basak - Christel - Veronica

Group 1 - Public Chat

Group 2:
Dhafir - Daniela - Eve – Gary

Group 2 - Chat

Group 3:
Jeanne - Levent - Sabrina – Susanne

Group 3 - Chat

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