Tuesday, 29 January 2008

EVO Workshops

Dear All,

I signed up for three workshops in EVO: Teaching Technology in Adult ESL, Tipps&Tricks and Lesson Planning and Design.

It is quite different from the viewpoint of organisation and operation as what we had in Lancelot. Especially because EVO is using Yahoo Groups which are for me personally not so friendly to use. Foremost the messages system where you have bunch of different messages with different headings and you don't quite know where is the beginning and where the end.

The impression I got is from Lesson Planning and Design because it is simple and they are using Wiki which is quite clear and easy for beginners. In the other workshop I am struggling a little bit with too many data or something I can't even define properly. I will have to evaluate it more in order to know what doesn't fit. Or maybe I will find out that everything is perfect, who knows :)

Anyway, just wanted to give a little feedback althought I only have little data for now. I did almost all tasks for Week 1 except for Voicethread tasks where you have to leave a voice message (kind of hesitating on doing that but hopefully confronting it soon :). In the Lesson Planning and Design we were dealing with some introductory technical set ups and commenting some questions about planning a lesson, so that was good.

I hope I will be able to give you more feedback soon.

Cheers, Eve

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