Friday, 1 February 2008

Second Life Event on Friday, the 25th

Last Friday, a group of about 10-12 people met in Second Life at English Village. Dave Winet led the way. We went to the holodeck of English Village.

The holodeck of English Village is a single room which has a few pictures on the wall. When you click on the pictures, the room starts filling with these scenes. We tried the garden as you can see on the picture, then the barn and then the bus stop.

Dave mentioned that this is a great place to be with a bunch of students because you cant get lost since you stay all together in one room. So we had a few assignments, which as he explained could be similar to what you do with your learners.

The first was to group around the bench for a group picture. Then we learned to use the camera controls. They help you to view yourself and your group from the front so that you can take snapshots.

Then the next assignment was in the barn. We were asked to put clothes on which are typically put on in a barn. When I asked the others whether anybody had a pair of Wellingtons which he or she could share, they all started laughing a lot. Yes, in America the expression Wellingtons is not known.

Then we all started laughing so much, when I accidentally clicked on the holodeck link for the busstop. Just as we were all dressed up for the barn, the scene changed to the bus stop and one of the participants kind of got locked up in the bus. She didnt know how to open the door and asked to be released. Oh, I was laughing my head off.

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