Saturday, 2 February 2008

SL and blogging experiences

Hi everybody,
I'm glad you (Heike) didn't get lost in SL - I certainly did. Whilst in the holothingy, I somehow got separated from the group and found myself all alone on a waterfall. I couldn't find my way out again so decided to leave SL. For me, it still is a confusing and instable environment. OK - I'm not the most expert virtual user, but I'm certainly more versatile than a lot of my students/potential students. For me a tool has to be easy to master (sort of fool-proof) and reliable, otherwise the frustration level is easily reached. I must admit I'm finding the whole tools and tricks sessions badly-structured and I think I'm missing some basic info.
The blogging session is certainly better organised. I'm sort of getting my way round in that, albeit with some small problems.

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