Thursday, 24 January 2008

Second Life Event planned Friday and Sunday

The Tips & Tricks'ler will meet in Second Life. I believe they will meet on EduNation, since this is where's headquater is. They are actually neighbours across to our building. So, this will be nice.

The following is Dave's message.
1) Here are the links to the two live sessions we had last week: sometimes the recordings loads immediately. If it doesn't, wait and try a bit later. You can use the slider to skip over stuff or replay it.)
2) ASSIGNMENT #2:Download and install Second Life ( . Then add me (David Delling) as a friend in SL or (even better) send your SL name to this YG and then everyone can add you as a friend.We will meet in WizIQ before going into SL, on Friday GMT 8 pm at on Sunday GMT 6 pm at

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Anonymous said...

Dear Heike,

I am on Second Life but I don't really know what am I supposed to do there and also I can't find any information as to what we are supposed to do in Second Life as part of the Tipps & Tricks Workshop. Maybe you can explain it a little bit?

Thanks, Eve