Thursday, 10 January 2008

Thanks for the invitation, Mohammad

Hi Mohammad,

Thanks for the invite. It is amazing how easy it is to post on a blog. Actually the general invite link of Google allows me to create an own blog within seconds. I didnt really want that, but..

Well, my general blog is on the Kolabora Homepage and the last time I posted was about a year ago just before the LANCELOT craze started. If you are interested in some of the blogs I wrote before, then feel free to browse:

I am looking forward to continuing to post again. It is not easy but great fun. Robin Good was my teacher on how to blog and he made me rewrite one blog three times until I got it right, phew. He is a tough trainer.

So, looking forward to EVO. So far, no events have been scheduled by David Winet as of yet. All emails are simple introductory emails (Tipps and Tricks Session) and also the ppt one has not started. Here again Kent Matsuedas funny podcast link: which he created when he taught English in Japan. Great podcasts, fun to listen to.


Lindsay said...

No idea if this is the right place to post a comment, but I'll try it anyway...Absolutely new to blogging..

Mohammad Amer said...

Hi Lindsay,

You did the right thing, your comment came after the post.

As an author you also can write a new post for us to comment on.