Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Week 2 Update on tipps and tricks/ ppt session

1) Tipps & Tricks by Dave Winet (66 members)
So far all emails were simply introductions by course parts.
This week we got our first task to leave a voice message at (sorry havent done my
homework as of yet). No live online events are scheduled
as of yet, which is kind of weird because this is the only
session focusing on synchronous delivery in language training
and if you compare the bloggers's session, their calender is
full of chats and skype casts and also the kick-off meeting
was not announced by David, unless of course I missed this
vital info.
This is how I have know Dave for long time, a very laid back
and relaxed facilitator, who gets a group of people together
and then waits what happens.... so let's see what group
dynamic will happen.

2) PowerPoint with Kent Matsueda (62 members)
The first couple of ppts are available now and they are designed
to instruct the application MS PowerPoint. So far nothing that
would strike me.

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